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Climbing Parnassus: A New Apologia for Greek and Latin

Mountaineering Parnassus offers the reader no longer a lot with a application for tutorial renewal as with a security and vindication of the formative energy of Greek and Latin. Tracy Lee Simmons's persuasive witness to the original, now all-but-forgotten merits of analysis in, and of, the classical languages constitutes a bracing reminder of the true goals of a really liberal schooling.

The Reception and Performance of Euripides' Herakles: Reasoning Madness (Oxford Classical Monographs)

Euripides' Herakles, which tells the tale of the hero's unexpected descent into filicidal insanity, is likely one of the least known and least played performs within the Greek tragic canon. Kathleen Riley explores its reception and function background from the 5th century BC to advert 2006. Her concentration is upon altering rules of Heraklean insanity, its explanations, its results, and its remedy.

Topics in Soliton Theory

Whilst soliton idea, in keeping with water waves, plasmas, fiber optics and so on. , used to be constructing within the 1960-1970 period it appeared that maybe KdV (and a couple of different equations) have been relatively quite specific within the set of all fascinating partial differential equations. because it seems, even supposing integrable structures are nonetheless specified, the mathematical interplay of integrable structures idea with nearly all branches of arithmetic (and with many presently constructing components of theoretical physics) illustrates the significance of this sector.

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Whizzy and interesting AND not just whizzy where the content is lost. Sue Cohen Grant Thornton #257: Real Estate Is Extremely Valuable - Don't Waste It Make sure you focus on substance not flash. There are many "cool" things that can be done. Make sure that you are including them for learning reasons, not for entertainment. Interactions need to add value. Don't let the interface get in the way of the interaction. In a "simulation, don't waste the learners time by having them press buttons to go up and down - everything must have a purpose.

Try to incorporate information in a way that would appeal to at least two different styles. Engaging your learner is key, no matter what the venue. Mike Cormier Vital Knowledge SoftWare #141: Word Smithing Avoid corporate-ese ... speak the language of your audience and use the least amount of words possible to make the point. Write in an active voice and explain any jargon as it comes up. Consider using a glossary if possible so if the learner already knows the definition, they don't have to waste time reading it again.

If you can’t learn the way the current material is organized, what makes you think others will? 2. There are no learning objectives stated or they are very vague. Learning objectives are, in my opinion, a little overwrought, but one thing they do often help with is organization and structure. If no learning objectives were stated by the original designer, it’s possible the learning structure may not be organized well. 3. The subject is complex and the topics seem to run incoherently together. Sometimes people are tasked with designing training for a subject they know little to nothing about.

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