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By P. D. Ouspensky

Questions from scholars, and Ouspensky's solutions, at conferences among 1930 and 1947, make up many of the portion of this booklet. themes coated comprise will, evil or evolution and points of Ouspensky's theoretical and sensible philosophy.

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O. Fate may be favourable or not. It is necessary to know what one's fate is. But it cannot liberate us. Ways enter here. The four ways are ways to liberate us from laws. But each way has its own characteristic. In the three traditional ways, the first step is the most difficult. In the Fourth Way man remains in the same conditions and he must change in these conditions. These conditions are the best for him, because they are the most difficult. M R . P . Positive emotions require a lot of energy?

In one phrase we cannot speak about renewal before we see that it is limited. We speak only about one life of each cosmos. We must try to be exact. In our state we have no possibility to know more than about one life. We must try to use only such words that can be verified by analogy. M R . J . What means dying? M R . O. It disappears, like a fly that is dead. M R . D . What would tritocosmos sleeping mean? M R . O. Each cosmos has a period of sleep and waking. M R . D . When does it sleep? M R .

M R . O. This is a theoretical example. It is like another theoretical example: if a child is cut off from all impressions he will not be able to make a single movement. This is theoretically right, but in practice it cannot be verified. If a child is born among people who are awake, he will be awake. But there is no possibility to verify this. M R S. W. A child often shows a certain alertness, at a certain age. M R . O. If a child is put among people who are awake, he would not fall asleep. But at which age in these conditions he is more awake, it is impossible to say.

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