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Whereas Abner Doubleday is remembered essentially for his "invention" of baseball, this biography makes a speciality of his responsibility to his state. Following Doubleday's formative years in Auburn, manhattan, to his days as a cadet at West element, the general's involvement within the American Civil struggle, and his public provider afterwards, he's portrayed right here as a guy who took unpopular stands yet was once guided by way of a company imaginative and prescient of justice.

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And this frigid change could follow on the heels of hot and humid conditions, plaguing the men for days. Sweltering in a tent in tropical weather and then finding icicles all around was to go from one misery to another. At least the young lieutenant could ease his boredom with hunting game birds on the beach. 5 Having become impatient with Mexico’s refusal to negotiate, on January 13, 1846, Polk ordered Taylor south to the river Mexico called Río Bravo del Norte, the Rio Grande. In February 1846, Taylor received orders from Washington to advance into the disputed territory and then west to the Rio Grande.

Then there was his duty — a system of orders to be obeyed, or hierarchies to be observed. Here there was no moral questioning, only compliance for the sake of good order, obedience for the smooth functioning of the unit. The final — and often discordant — source of Doubleday’s most powerful influences was his preoccupation with basic spiritual matters, specifically the problems of the soul. Because the religion and philosophy he knew (and the science he would be so strongly affected by) did not answer most of the questions he had about human life, he looked in occult places— secret places, places few had studied.

Marines captured the National Palace, the so-called “Halls of Montezuma,” and raised the American flag, the American occupation of Mexico City began in mid–September 1847. With the capital in hand, the war might be completed, but the peace was not. 3. The Mexican War 39 Doubleday also saw the rewards of battle. At their artillery unit’s gathering, young Lieutenant Doubleday was reunited with three artillerymen: George H. Thomas, class of 1840, who received three promotions for distinguished gallantry in action during the Mexican War; John F.

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