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Isolated Neutron Stars: from the Surface to the Interior

This booklet collects the contributions offered on the convention remoted Neutron Stars: From the outside to the inner, held in London in April 2006. 40 years after the invention of radio pulsars it provides an up to date description of the hot imaginative and prescient of remoted neutron stars that has emerged lately with the improvement of multi-wavelength observations.

Molecular Clusters of the Main Group Elements

With greater than 20 contributions from top study teams, this publication presents crucial info for chemists and fabrics scientists operating with molecular clusters. It treats either homonuclear and heteronuclear clusters, including:the idea and ideas in main-group cluster chemistry, * novel boranes and heteroboranes, * silicon/germanium/tin clusters, * alkali steel suboxides, * clusters in alloys with mercury, * chalkogen clusters* and diverse different compound sessions.

The physics of laser-atom interactions

This booklet offers a throrough creation to the interplay of atoms and atomic ions with optical and magnetic fields. the writer locations specific emphasis at the wealth of significant multilevel results, the place atomic vapors convey anisotropic habit. in addition to masking the vintage two-level atom method of light-atom interactions, Suter describes intimately a common multilevel formalism, which he makes use of to debate optical pumping, two-dimensional spectroscopy and nonlinear optical dynamics.

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555(100) (n, p)Be j from C 32 (n, a)Be none BERYLLIUM τ» % λ ~12 Be (or, ny)C Z =4 Determination of Be by d i r e c t counting of 4„ 4 Mev p r o m p t y Y s; B, AI, Mg, and other elements interfere. G9 0 3 Excitation function from 0. 8 Mev to 5. 0 Mev; E . 75 Mev; E = 1 . 75) = 0. 15 b ; 7 th P σ ( 5 . 4 b. 9 8 Be 7 (v,n)Be la H6 T2 Non-destructive determination of Be in o r e s by d i r e c t counting of photo-neutrons using an 124 "»-1 curie Sb s o u r c e with a sensitivity of 1 ppm; B, Cd, and other neutron a b s o r b e r s m a y interfere.

4 Mev to 4. 1 Mev; E t h = 1. 27 Mev; E^ > 4 Mev; σ ( 2 . 4 ) = 95 mb; cr(4. 1) = 0. 16 b. , 7 7 Li (p, n)Be 10 Possible interference from B 7 9 7 (p? or)Be ; from Be (p, t)Be . & 7 JLi (d, n)Be 10 7 9 7 Possible interference from B (d, cm)Be ; from Be (d, 2n)Be at E > 5 Mev; possible interference from 10 7 9 7 secondary reactions: B (p, ar)Be ; Be (p, t)Be . JLi(d, t) Possible interference from Be(d, t); from other (d, t) reactions; possible interference from secondary 2 3 3 3 reactions: H (n, γ)Η ; He (n, p)H ; other (n, t) or (p, t) reactions.

A (n, v)A Determination of age of K minerals by analysis for radiogenic A 11 41 41 flux = 1 x 10 ; K (n, p)A >60 mb S741 ; sensitivity = 3 x 10 μg; interferes and requires pre-irradiation separation of A from matrix. Determination of age of meteorites by comparison to K activation. (n, γ)Α 40 A Possible interference from Ca 41 (n, γ)Α Α36(η,γ)Α37 l x 10- 3 fjg. |A 4 °(n,Y)A 4 1 2 x 10" 5 Hg. B6 (n, at)A 41 Possible interference from K with a Ca matrix. 41 (n, p)A M43 S74 Determination of A in drinking water.

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