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By Claude Cohen-Tannoudji

This e-book offers a entire evaluation of the brilliant advances visible in atomic physics over the last 50 years. The authors clarify how such growth used to be attainable through highlighting connections among advancements that happened at diversified instances. They talk about the hot views and the hot study fields that glance promising. The emphasis is put, now not on special calculations, yet quite on actual rules. Combining either theoretical and experimental issues, the e-book can be of curiosity to a variety of scholars, academics and researchers in quantum and atomic physics.

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5in 18 Advances in atomic physics: an overview me = mg − 1 me = mg σ− me = mg + 1 π σ+ mg Fig. 2 Polarization selection rules for an electric dipole transition. The magnetic quantum number m changes by +1 for a σ+ -polarized excitation, by −1 for a σ− -polarized excitation and by 0 for a π-polarized excitation. moment of the atom, and examine under what conditions the matrix elements of this operator are different from zero. First, suppose that the atomic transition connects a ground state g with an orbital angular momentum ℓg = 0 to an excited state e with an orbital angular momentum ℓe = 1.

In Chap. 23, we introduce the correlation functions of the atomic field operators in quantum gases and show that they allow a clear understanding of the coherence properties of condensates. Finally, in Chap. 5in Advances in atomic physics: an overview of quantum fluids, their superfluidity. We discuss the frictionless propagation of a probe particle in the condensate, due to the impossibility for this particle to create an elementary excitation in the fluid when its velocity is lower than a certain threshold.

We first describe how the understanding of ionization of atoms in intense laser fields, described in Chap. 10, has led to the realization of ultrashort laser pulses, in the attosecond range. These developments would not have been possible without the development of intense femtosecond pulses based on several techniques, such as mode locking or chirped pulsed amplification, that are briefly described. 1 Introduction In this chapter, we review and comment upon a few basic results regarding atomphoton interactions that will be useful for the discussions presented in the subsequent chapters of this book.

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