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By W. Bushuk, M. G. Scanlon (auth.), Basil S. Kamel, Clyde E. Stauffer (eds.)

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The function of starch, gluten, lipids, water, and different parts in bread staling is a topic of continuous examine utilizing complex analytical methodologies and complicated multidisciplinary techniques. major contemporary development has been made within the primary knowing of the occasions resulting in bread staling.

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3. Yeast, to aerate the dough by the production of carbon dioxide gas by anaerobic fermentation. The yeast cell takes nutrition in liquid form through its cell walls and produces carbon dioxide gas as a by-product of this metabolism. The carbon dioxide gas goes into solution in the dough/water phase, which, when saturated with carbon dioxide, releases it into gas cells in the dough, which have been formed during dough mixing and processing. Yeast fermentation contributes greatly to the flavour of bread through the production of complex by-products of the fermentation process.

In normal wheat dough, gluten formation begins its swelling due to water absorption and mechanical mixing. At ambient temperature wheat gluten is a dominant absorbing material and retains water until the protein is denatured by heat in the oven. 6) Rye protein neither forms dough structure nor is a main water-absorbing component in dough. A significant proportion of the water is bound by rye pentosans at ambient temperature. A substantial proportion of rye starch does not swell at this temperature.

10 the stage of sour multiplication in sour making as well as repeated sour making for the period of uninterrupted dough production is shown. The volume of sour is increased in three steps. ing line. 12 Schematic diagram of a continuously working system of sour multiplying in two steps after Meuser and Faber (I 987): w =water; fl =rye flour. continuous dough mixer. But only two thirds of sour are used for the dough. At the same time one third ofthis sour is dosed to the empty sour fermentation bowl, where it is mixed with rye flour and water.

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