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By Peter Aggleton, Peter Davies, Graham Hart

This booklet emphasises renowned responses to the epidemic, neighborhood and nationwide interventions and problems with care.

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Книга Thought-Forms Thought-Forms Книги Психология, философия Автор: Annie Besant Год издания: 2007 Формат: pdf Издат. :BiblioBazaar Страниц: 102 Размер: 2,3 Mb ISBN: 1434604926 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:It is our earnest hope—as it really is our belief—that this little ebook will function a amazing ethical lesson to each reader- making him recognize the character and gear of his thoughts…' (Excerpt from Foreward)

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On the one hand, a man conforming to the sexual behaviour of his partner or peers can be rewarded by their acceptance and the gratification of pleasing others, while a man who does not conform risks punishment through social rejection and isolation. Similarly, for those for whom sexual stimuli have an addictive component (Ostrow and Joseph, 1986), the reward for engaging in unsafe sex is the act of sex itself and the punishment is withholding of sex. This framework is applicable to an understanding of most behaviour modification programmes, where external forces such as peer pressure and public commitments are used to change strong habitual (or addictive) behaviour, and peer support is used to reinforce that change.

The order implicit in these responses is relatively precise and reflects a view of sex as a staged process: kissing, then groping, then wanking, then sucking, culminating in anal intercourse. However, it is far from clear at what point ‘sex’ is deemed to have begun. ’ These responses are examples of the view that ‘real’ and ‘full’ sex are the same thing as anal (or vaginal) intercourse and anything short of these is not to be considered ‘proper’ sex. In contrast, some responses were much less precisely defined: ‘Kissing.

Bob Stern has patiently provided editorial assistance. Notes 1 ‘Unsafe sex’ as used in this chapter refers to unprotected anal intercourse. ‘Safer sex’ includes consistent use of condoms with anal sex, oral sex, non-penetrative sex and abstinence. There is some argument about whether or not HIV can be acquired through oral sex. , 1987). 2 In the US, cohorts in New York (NY Blood Center—C. Stevens; Colombia School of Public Health—John Martin), Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, Washington (MACS study—Joseph) started too late to show the level of increase, but each show decline to less than 1 per cent by 1987.

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