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By Richard L. Wilson

Profiles of significant figures in American politics, from Bella Abzug via Woodrow Wilson, prepared alphabetically, by way of quarter of task, and via 12 months of beginning.

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Participation in the League. In 1928, he was appointed to the Permanent Court of Arbitration located at The Hague. He supported Democratic candidates for president including FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT, but he came to oppose portions of the New Deal, such as the Tennessee Valley Authority, as being too close to socialism. He suffered a severe heart attack in July 1937 and died on December 25 of that year. Further Reading Ambrosius, Lloyd E. Wilsonian Statecraft: Theory and Practice of Liberal Internationalism During World War I.

Reagan was perceived as having done relatively better in that debate than Carter, and the debate occurred so late in the campaign that Carter had no opportunity to recover. 17 Anderson had polled as high as 15 percent early in the campaign, but his strength faded as voters concluded that voting for Anderson was taking votes away from their second-choice candidate and helping the election of their last choice. Still Anderson did manage to garner about 7 percent of the national vote for president.

Anderson, John Bayard (1922– ) candidate for president, representative John B. Anderson ran for president as an independent in 1980 hoping that a split would develop between the Republican and Democratic candidates sufficient for him to win. Such a split did not materialize, although he may have drawn more votes away from the Democratic Party’s nominee, the incumbent JAMES EARL CARTER, to help the Republican RONALD WILSON REAGAN to win. ” The phrase has been so memorable that it has been widely used to describe a variety of federal budget proposals.

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