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Chapter 1 Structural chemistry (pages 1–51): S. Sorriso
Chapter 2 Stereochemistry and conformations (pages 53–83): Morton Raban and Jeremy Greenblatt
Chapter three The chemistry of ionized amino, nitroso and nitro compounds within the fuel section (pages 85–126): Helmut Schwarz and Karsten Levsen
Chapter four Rearrangements related to nitroso and nitro compounds (pages 127–153): D. L. H. Williams
Chapter five The spectroscopy, photophysics and photochemistry of saturated amines (pages 155–180): Arthur M. Halpern
Chapter 6 Photochemistry of nitro and nitroso compounds (pages 181–290): Yuan L. Chow
Chapter 7 Radiation chemistry of amines, nitro and nitroso compounds (pages 291–318): Clive L. Greenstock
Chapter eight Electrochemistry of nitro compounds (pages 319–337): Albert J. Fry
Chapter nine Electrochemistry of amines (pages 339–359): Wayne E. Britton
Chapter 10 Radical anion reactions of nitro compounds (pages 361–393): Nathan Kornblum
Chapter eleven Direct aminations (pages 395–416): Tuvia Sheradsky
Chapter 12 Pyrolysis of nitrites, nitrates, nitro compounds, nitroso compounds and amines (pages 417–458): Leslie Batt
Chapter thirteen Nitrones and nitronic acid derivatives: their constitution and their roles in synthesis (pages 459–564): Eli Breuer
Chapter 14 Nitroxides (pages 565–622): Hans Gunter Aurich
Chapter 15 Enamines and ynamines (pages 623–714): G. Pitacco and E. Valentin

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Of course, these results must be interpreted with caution, taking into account both the type of compound and the possible interactions between the nitro group and other phenyl substituents. In spite of these limitations, two comments may be made. 485 A), while in iiie presence of electron donors there is a tendency to shortening of the C-N bond length. 465(7) A; 1,3,5-triamin0-2,4,6-trinitro-. 461(7) A. Secondly, a rough relation might be obtained between the N-0 and C-N bond lengths. The case of 1,3,5-triamin0-2,4,6-trinitrobenzene is interesting when compared to nitrobenzene.

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