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By Arthur Frazho, Wisuwat Bhosri

During this monograph, we mix operator suggestions with kingdom house the right way to resolve factorization, spectral estimation, and interpolation difficulties coming up up to speed and sign processing. We current either the idea and algorithms with a few Matlab code to resolve those difficulties. A classical method of spectral factorization difficulties on top of things conception is predicated on Riccati equations coming up in linear quadratic regulate concept and Kalman ?ltering. One benefit of this strategy is that it effortlessly ends up in algorithms within the non-degenerate case. nonetheless, this method doesn't simply generalize to the nonrational case, and it's not constantly obvious the place the Riccati equations are coming from. Operator thought has built a few dependent ways to turn out the life of an answer to a few of those factorization and spectral estimation difficulties in a truly basic surroundings. even though, those suggestions are often no longer used to advance computational algorithms. during this monograph, we are going to use operator thought with kingdom house easy methods to derive computational the right way to remedy factorization, sp- tral estimation, and interpolation difficulties. it's emphasised that our strategy is geometric and the algorithms are received as a unique program of the idea. we are going to current tools for spectral factorization. One technique derives al- rithms according to ?nite sections of a undeniable Toeplitz matrix. the opposite method makes use of operator idea to advance the Riccati factorization process. eventually, we use isometric extension recommendations to unravel a few interpolation difficulties.

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Let T be an operator mapping H 2 (E) into H 2 (Y). Then T = MΘ for some Θ in H ∞ (E, Y) if and only if T intertwines the unilateral shift SE on + H 2 (E) with the unilateral shift SY on H 2 (Y). In this case, T = MΘ = Θ ∞. 2 shows that MΘ is + an isometry if and only if Θ is an inner function. Moreover, MΘ is unitary if and only if Θ is a unitary constant. Finally, let A be a function in H ∞ (E, Y) and B a + function in H ∞ (V, E). Then it follows that MAB = MA+ MB+ . 7 Notes All the results in this chapter are classical; see [30, 80, 114, 168, 198] for further results on Toeplitz, Laurent and multiplication operators.

6), we see that Tn ≤ T . Since T = PZ+ Tn |K+ , we see that Tn = T for all integers n ≥ 0. 7) implies that T n con0 verges in the weak operator topology to an operator L mapping K into Z. Finally, since Tn = T for all n ≥ 0, we see that T and L have the same norm. To show that L is in I(U, Z), first observe that PZn L|Kn = Tn |Kn (n ≥ 0). 5. 6) yield (LU U ∗j+1 g, Z ∗j h) = (Tn U ∗j g, Z ∗j h) = (Tj U ∗j g, Z ∗j h) = (Z ∗j T U j Pj U ∗j g, Z ∗j h) = (T g, h) = (Z ∗j+1 T U j+1 Pj+1 U ∗j+1 g, Z ∗j+1 h) = (Tj+1 U ∗j+1 g, Z ∗j+1 h) = (PZj+1 LU ∗j+1 g, Z ∗j+1 h) = (LU ∗j+1 g, Z ∗j+1 h) = (ZLU ∗j+1 g, Z ∗j h).

Let U+ be an isometry on K+ . Then we say that T is a Toeplitz operator ∗ with respect to U+ if T is an operator on K+ satisfying U+ T U+ = T . Recall that an operator A on X is the compression of an operator L on K if X ⊂ K and A = PX L|X . Now let U on K be a minimal unitary extension for an isometry U+ on K+ , and T an operator on K+ . 4 shows that T is a Toeplitz operator with respect to U+ if and only if there exists an operator L in I(U, U ) such that T equals the compression of L to K+ , that is, U L = LU and T = PK+ L|K+ .

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