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By Bernd Herzogenrath

This quantity offers an unique and in-depth examine dedicated to the dialogue and relevance of the suggestion of 'the atmosphere' and 'ecology' in the frame-work and 'ontology' of the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze and Fel???­x Guattari. Their non-dualist and materialist re-thinking of those matters is analyzed from a variety of positions inside Cultural reports and Sciences. 'Thinking environment[s]' with Deleuze|Guattari is up to now faraway from what should be termed '(intellectual) tree-hugging' ?? it truly is primarily a choice to imagine complexity, and to advanced pondering, how to imagine the surroundings as a negotiation of dynamic preparations of human and nonhuman stressors, either one of that are proficient and 'intelligent.' It refers to a practical and site-specific tracing of infinitely complicated preparations, and as such can't count both on a conception of cultural constructivism, nor on a natural|biological determinism. Deleuze|Guattari supply an invaluable toolbox for this kind of undertaking. 'Nature,' 'landscape,' 'environment' ?? in postmodern instances, all of those phrases and their connotations can not be constrained to what one may perhaps name 'the natural.' At a time while an increasing number of artists (not to say scientists!) function at the threshold among biology and know-how, the separation among the average and the technological|cultural turns out, as Deleuze|Guattari retain, now not tenable. This booklet hence goals at a thorough re-thinking of those options from a Deleuzian|Guattarian (i.e. non-dualist and materialist) point of view.

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From Lucretius to Nietzsche, the same end is pursued and attained. Naturalism makes of thought and sensibility an affinnation. It directs its attack against the prestige of the negative; it deprives the negative of all its power; it refuses to the spirit of the negative the right to speak in the name of philosophy. . The multiple as multiple is the object of affirmation, just as the diverse as diverse is the object of joy. (279) A similar naturalistic emphasis in Spinoza's philosophy is embraced by Deleuze.

But unlike technology or science which aim to extract useful principles, principles which can be used to attain specific aims or goals­ regularity, predictability, order and organization-the arts redirect these forces of practical regularity through intensification to produce something no longer regular, ordered or manipulable but something, an intensity, which actively alters the very forces of the body itself, something appealing, irregular, unpredictable; 4. This emphasis on sexual selection rather than on Dmwin's more privileged concept of natural selection, which is so beloved by the sociobiological tradition, not only provides us with the possibility of a non-reductive understanding of the arts that refuses to understand them in terms of their capacity to prepare us, by way of playful rehearsal, for the tasks of survival; this emphasis also makes clear that wherever art is in play, that is, wherever qualities, properties, features, forms have the capacity to brace and intensify the body, we must recognize, along with all feminisms of difference (especially that developed by Luce Irigaray), that sexual selection is the underside of sexual difference.

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