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Soviet labor camps were expanded. 1 Collectivization in Ukraine led to the Holodomor (Great Famine) in 1932–33, eventually killing some 7 to 10 million men, women, and children. 3 In comparison to life under the Bolsheviks, about 4 million Ukrainians living in Poland enjoyed a better life, at least initially. Most Ukrainians reconciled themselves to the occupation, believing that accommodation through economic and political action was the only reasonable course of action. They were able to develop a unique infrastructure of cultural, Fighting Moscow from Afar 45 economic, and political organizations.

These figures remained fairly constant over the next forty years. Before World War II, Polish voters had become overwhelmingly inclined to the Democratic Party, due to their appreciation of FDR’s New Deal leadership in the Depression era. The Polish American identification with the Democrats was also linked to their connections with influential pro-Democratic groups, most notably the growing labor union movement and the Catholic Church. Thus Roosevelt’s concern over the Polish vote prior to the 1944 elections was understandable.

Ukrainian music and theater, as well as political dialogue, flourished. Under Lenin’s New Economic Policy (NEP), Ukraine’s economy improved substantially. This national renaissance came to an end soon after Stalin gained control of the Soviet Union. Russification of the Ukrainian language returned. Academics who pushed Ukrainian themes found themselves in Siberia. Stalin’s collectivization campaign forced Ukrainian farmers to turn over their farms—lock, stock and barrel—to the state. Soviet labor camps were expanded.

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